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The Art of Fine Jewelry

Most jewelry is just jewelry—pretty, wearable ornaments for the body—but some pieces rise above the ordinary to the level of wearable art. Art critics, historians, and conservators often consider jewelry to be a minor art at best, with their highest … Continue reading

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A Dazzling Floral Basket

A while back, we were approached with a challenging task. We were presented with a handful of diamond rings, some inherited from family and some acquired in years past, none of which suited the client’s current lifestyle. She asked us to design a large … Continue reading

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Diamond Tidbits

That diamonds are 100 times harder than the next hardest material known? Yes. The incredibly hard man-made industrial abrasive scores 9.25 on the hardness scale, even harder than sapphire, but still vastly softer than diamond at 10. That diamonds can be … Continue reading

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